Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Practice Patience. Practice Love. Practice Living.

So... first, let me apologize for my rambling. I have alot of thoughts at the moment.

I have two amazing, breath taking little boys. One is 2 1/2, Latham, and the other is 3 months, Lane. They are my reason for being, the loves of my life... and the reason for my high blood pressure :)

I've found lately through my lack of sleep, moving, health issues and general stress, I'm not quite being the mom I always pictured myself to be. My patience for my little ones is about as long as my pinkie.

Am I tired? Of course 3 hrs of sleep a night will exhaust anyone
Am I stressed? Duh. I have a new baby and just moved to a place where I know NO ONE.
Are these just BS excuses... you betcha.

I recently read a story about a mom who lost her darling little girl to SIDS at 16 months. As mother's this is our worst fear. Putting one of my babies to sleep and then to never see there goofy little smiles again. I immediately went in and crawled in bed with my toddler, hugged him awhile and then went and snuggled with my newest addition. It dawned on me, I HAVE TO SNAP OUT OF IT.

Not everyone is as luck as I am. I have more than most to be thankful for and I'm taking advantage of it. I'm forgetting it. I'm being one of those people that one day will realize it's too late and that's never been my motto let me tell you.

So now every time I start to get frustrated, I say to myself.  Be patient, Be thankful. Sounds corny as all get out I know but it's working. I'm snuggling a little longer, and laughing a little more. I'm remembering how fast time goes and that these moments with our babies may make us want to pull our hair out but we will never get those moments back. They are gone forever and from now on, I tend to cherish them a little more :)

This is my one rambling post free card lol I promise not to do it again.

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  1. I know what you mean. Its hard some days. My 2 year old is currently at home getting well from having a fever and it can wear you out! I have been forcing myself to bed at 10pm everynight so that I can have more patience in the morning. If I am lacking sleep, I will feel it in the morning and take it out on people around me! ;) I have been a much happier mom with more sleep lately!

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